Monday, November 17, 2008

So What's Your Point?

Hello from Pearl and Fleur.

We created this blog to reach for the stars ... dance under the moon ... live the good life.

Why PearlFleur?
The ancient Romans believed that pearls were the crystalized tears of angels. We now know that when an oyster or other mollusk secretes a substance called nacre, and then repeats that process, layer upon layer over several years, it forms a pearl. Each layer adds to the pearl’s luster - - that special glow that gives pearls their iridescent beauty. High luster pearls are valued more than low luster pearls, and the amount of luster is a function of how long the pearl has developed in the oyster.

We are part of a similar process as we live our lives. Everything that we do each day is one more layer that determines what we become. As the old saying goes, "garbage in, garbage out." We want to avoid layering on garbage as we create a beautiful lustrous pearl (our life) day by day.

Fleur is the French word for flower. Flowers teach us that we can blossom early in spring like the primrose or late in summer like the aster. Each one adds its own special charm to its surroundings. Flowers were among the first survivors on earth. When the going gets rough, they just reseed ... start again. They reseed not only to survive, but they do so with color, form and grace. Flowers teach us that we can bloom where we are planted, and that we have the option of just surviving or surviving with beauty.

Join us as we tell what we know and learn as we go in this amazing journey we call our lives on Earth. Please feel free to leave a comment here, or email us at We would love to hear from you. You can also subscribe to our blog so you won’t miss one episode of our adventures.
Until the next post,
Pearl and Fleur
hi everybody ---
this is bailey. i am a pocket mouse.
my latin name is chaetodpius baileyi, but you can just call me bailey.
when people are asleep, i love to type, type, type.
bye for now,


lizzieG said...

This looks like it will be a wonderful new addition to the blogosphere. I can't wait to see what Pearl and Fleur (and Bailey) will be up to next.

PearlFleur said...

Thanks for your comment, LizzieG.
We have some terrific things planned.

Keep those comments coming,

Pearl and Fleur

Anonymous said...

Bailey, who's pocket do you live in - Pearl's or Fleur's. Tell me about you in your next midnight ride across the keyboard.

Just Me

Ruthie said...

I am from Spark People and stopped by to say thanks for reading my blog. I enjoyed reading your first one and look forward to the adventures of Bailey.
As for NCIS - I was not a fan when Kate was on it, I have only seen her in reruns, so I am a Ziva fan. I love Gibbs' team but am not that fond of the new director.
If you get time, read some of my older blogs as they tell about my journey. (
Till next time -

PearlFleur said...

Dear Ruthie,
Thank you for stopping by and for your oomment. We have some good postings planned for the future, and I hope you enjoy them.
Will definitely read more on your blog about your journey.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Pearl and Fleur

Adam said...

What a wonderful site. Look forward to more episodes.

PearlFleur said...

Thanks, Adam. We have some great things planned. Stop by again and let us know what you think.

Pearl and Fleur

Sharon said...

What a wonderful name for a blog. I will visit again.